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Food and desserts do not need to be salty, greasy and extra sweet to taste good. Please, let food industries understand that…think about your health! Healthy, amazing and delicious flavors start here at L’Appat Patisserie and Cafe in Olde Towne East, where sciences and food are at work! Come in….

Kevin James
“This man is the shining of example of hard work and the belief in making the best food imaginable”

Kristen Hildebrand
Lemon Rice Soup, Chicken Roulade Sandwich, Pineapple Almond Coconut Tart with coffee and Marshmallow Tea. Mmm-azing! Best meal I’ve had in Columbus since I moved here! :)

Cheryl Lever Hooker
Thank you to Didi and Minerva!!!!! So happy we stopped by — the cookies were all gone by the time we got home. And those Mexican Chocolate Spice cookies were DELICIOUS!!! See you soon for dinner!!! How lucky we all are to have you here!

Bryant Miller
The dessert tray was a huge hit at the baby shower today! Thanks so much! =)

Suzanne Parks
Beautiful creations Didier and Minerva!

Ashley Ervin
I am so ecstatically excited to have you catering the baby shower on Sunday… after the taste testing I have been dying to share with all my friends, colleagues and family, your amazing cooking. It’s gonna be so wonderful I can already feel it :-) See ya Sunday

Kimberly Bates
Had a wicked egg sandwich and the best iced tea. Great food at great place.

Courtney Rowland
Love this place! Always something new to try–though I can almost never resist a classic egg sandwich with tomato and the marshmallow iced tea!

Leanne Nathaniel
Unbelievable Frittatas and Chausons! Didier is a genuinely brilliant person who cares about community and neighborhood. Bar far my favorite place in Olde Towne East!

Mindy Rupp
OMG-YUMMY! I noticed that they were finally opened and had to stop in to check it out. I instantly fell in love with this cozy little adorable place. There were so many yummy things to choose from – I ended up getting the last Pinneapple Coconut Chausson. The owner warmed it up for me & I took it to go.From the 1sy bite I wanted to turn around & go get more, then I realized I bought the last one! I’ll definitely be back for more. Oh, & they serve lunch & dinner too!

Sinann Keely Cook
Excellent service and the food was classy and, of course, very tasty! 😀

Greg King
Excellent food, excellent service. Great conversation. Always something new. If you like good food and/or talking about good food, check it out.

Deborah Shaheed
Had the Rustic Carrot Souffle in a chocolate crust. I was so tempted to buy a second one, but had to control myself. Also loved the creamy spinach potato soup.

Christina Providence
One of my favorite places in Columbus! Stunningly delicious food, sweet little space, and warm people – right in my neighborhood. Come visit!

Cheryl Brooks Johnson
Oh my gosh by far the best bakery in town. I’ve eaten here every day since I discovered it a few weeks ago.Very Nice lunch and dinner menu also.

Adam Maynard
This is a Bona Fide Patisserie with a passionate chef and a friendly staff. I would highly recommend the chausons and fiand cookies. You may even forget that you’re in Central Ohio for a while.

Sandy Mohr
Veg. soup and Egg sandwich ..Very good

Kate Curry Da-Souza
The food is so wonderful!!! Owners, Didi and Minerva are very friendly, the atmosphere is clean, tranquil and feels posh. I love the french doors that look in on the magic happening in the kitchen. Top notch, can’t wait to come back!

Sue Van Fossen
DiDi, thank you so much for breakfast! Absolutely delicious!

Abbie Faust
My new favorite place. Everything from the Mexican Chocolate cookie, to the fantastic coffee, to the spinach mushroom frittata was wonderful. I hope to become a regular. Thank you!!!

Cheryl Lever Hooker
Thank you to Didi and Minerva!!!!! So happy we stopped by — the cookies were all gone by the time we got home. And those Mexican Chocolate Spice cookies were DELICIOUS!!! See you soon for dinner!!! How lucky we all are to have you here!

Kristen Hildebrand
Thank you for the delicious treats and the excellent service!

Mike Uetrecht
What a wonderful place! Thanks! We think you will be our Saturday excursion from now on since you change the menu weekly!

Seronda Wayne
Wonderful food at a modest price, it would be a shame if you don’t treat yourself to the experience.

Tony Layne Photography
Tomato provencale tart….magic

Wilbur J Miller
Excellent place! I love the variety of food.

Ronaldo Jiminez
Bem feito Didi! Vou trazer todos os amigos
(Well done Didi! I’m going to bring all my friends)

Cheryl Brooks Johnson
Mmmmmm. Just left here. Had a wonderful lunch of squash soup, Beef Brik in fillo dough with a white chocolate and berry lemonade. (took some pastries for the trip back to the gallery) Excellent, excellent meal and wonderful company too.

Khalila P. Hayden
Enjoying a extra DELICIOUS Curry Pesto Chicken Sandwich from “L’appat patisserie cafe” thanks to the best hubby around.

Merry Lynne
The lentil soup is delicious and no words can describe the lemonade!!!!!

Andrew Lyles
Amazing pastries and great service! I highly recomend L’appat cafe to my friends and family.

Mindy Rupp
Loved, Loved, Loved the Pineapple Coconut Chausson. gotta go back and try some lunch/dinner & of course more of the homemade sweets. I’m soooo glad they’re in our neighborhood.

Erica Ollesh
My first time in today and certainly wont be my last. The Chicken Chausson was excellent (worth the wait)! Didier and Minervia were lovely and allowed me to monopolize their time. Thanks!

Deborah Shaheed
OMG ! I feel sorry for you if you don’t live in Columbus. Just had the Rustic Carrot Souffle with spinach potato soup. I’m in heaven. Best cafe in Columbus !

Janelle Dickerson
Your food here is awesome… I honestly enjoyed the pistachio dessert thing (not quite sure of actual name):) I can’t wait to come back to try some more things…yummm… plus your decor is so nice and inviting!!!!!!!!

Kristen Foley
Had a wonderful lunch today! Thanks so much for your hospitality! We will be back again for one of those African Sweet Potato Tarts that you keep selling out of before we can try them!